Draw left knee up to the waist level

Bend left knee and extend right leg in front of you, toes on the ground as you raise hands in front of you to eye level, elbows bent and hands in fists.The writer is one of the few lady trainers in Kochi. Immediately pivot on right foot and punch across your body with right arm. Bend right knee as far as you can, then straighten it. Keep circling arms as you lower right toes to the ground and bring them to the knee again. Bring fist to guard position. Repeat for one minute without touching left foot to ground, then switch sides and repeat. Repeat for 90 seconds and 600d oxford cloth then switch sides.Jab — Cross with Shuffle (works arms, abs, legs and glutes)Stand with feet wider than shoulders, toes turned out and knees bend.Shadow Boxing (warm up)Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees bend. Repeat from the beginning for 90 seconds, then switch sides. Continue for one minute, then switch legs and repeat. Circle hands one over the other as if you we’re punching an imaginary bag. Do four alternating punches (jab, then cross), then jump feet forward and back four time using small, soft jumps. At the same time, extend arms forward at chest height, palms up, draw your elbows towards your sides as you bend left knee and bring heels towards right knee. Finally it would burn up to 1,200 calories per hour, improve cardiovascular ability, strengthen and lengthen muscles and improves balance and posture.

Draw left knee up to the waist level and extend leg out in front, foot flexed.Core Arabesque (works arms, core and entire lower body)Stand on right foot and lean forward from hips as you extend left leg behind you at hip level, toes pointed. Throw slow punches straight from your shoulders alternating arms, for three minutes.A mix between pilates and boxing, Piloxing, for women, is done with the mental and physical goal of attaining a ‘svelte, sexy and powerful’ self-image. curl your hands into fists in ‘guard’ position - near your chin — and bounce back and forth on the balls of the feet like a boxer. At the same time, touch right toes to inside of left knee. Turn slightly to the left and step out with left foot as you Jab left arm forward at shoulder level, knuckles down, then quickly retract the punch.  Speed bag: (works arms shoulders and legs)Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes turned out. Bring right arm forward and left arm out to the left, both at chest height, for balance.Speed bagServe The Platter (works core, arms and legs)Stand on right legs, knees slightly bend, and pull your belly button in.

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