It protects the bag and can look super trendy

They are also lightweight and compact.Adding to it, Liji advises, "Light fabrics clothes, dry quickly.Waterproof Plastic ZiplockA waterproof ziplock specially for the phone is available in most phone accessory stores or online. Rain covers can be kept in the bag and used when needed. These monsoon essentials she says can be put to good use if you are doing long journeys during the rains or even for quick metro rides." Cotton skirts are her pick for the monsoons."A few items can help ease the monsoon blues and helps you get through the weather. You get them in a variety of prints and transparent ones too. Opt for lose clothes and light fabrics for an easy and fun outfit. These help beat the rains when on the move," says Liji. These are the must-haves in your bag and in your homes," says Liji Preman, a fashion stylist.

It protects the bag and can look super trendy. Avril Charles, a travel blogger says that silica gel packs are available and can be carried in the bag.Denise VanRain Cover for BagsCarrying electronic devices in a backpack during the rains is a challenge.Silica Gel PacksThe rains call for boots and sneakers, and, it is obvious that you would require boot fresheners. Online stores have an array to choose from.Portable Capsule wholesale fabric china UmbrellasThey fit easily in the bag and make for a nice style statement when used too, says Liji. Dry them out before each use, she advises.It’s handy while on the go and you can choose the handle how compact you want it to be. You can slip one in your boot while travelling, it helps absorb moisture. Apart from a backpack, you can use it on any bag you may have," Liji says.Sonam KapoorLight rain coat"There are trendy raincoats that can be folded into a mini size ball and placed in your handbag. However, she advises layering the clothing, it’s functional and you will look on point too. "A utilitarian and a fashionable one is the best choice," she adds. They can also be used to keep chargers, power banks, wires or make up" Avril suggests. "It protects from the rain and dust.. "These are cute pouches can be hung around the neck will keep the phone safe.

The weavers were also happy about the idea

Both Lakshmi and Gopinath shared the idea through social media platforms and invited interested persons to volunteer their services in doll making and the response was immense. One of the seven Chendamangalam weavers’ co-operative societies, with which the doll-makers are associated, has already received Rs five lakh through online booking. We had no option but to think of something to bring back the smiles on their faces.Ravaged looms and bundles of destroyed fabric, which were all ready for Onam sales and tears of hundreds of weavers who had toiled hard for months to make them ready persuaded the entrepreneurs to find out a sustainable solution for them. That is much higher than they receive through the sale of saree," she said.Chendamangalam is a traditional handloom weaving cluster located over 35 km away from Kochi."Even after chlorination and boiling, the clothes had that stink left by the murky flood waters.So Chekutty can be read as the child who survives the mud and dirt of floods.We have only helped them clean the soiled fabric. It can also be read as the kid of Chennamangalam," Lakshmi told news agency PTI.Thiruvananthapuram: A tiny handmade doll made out of soiled and damaged fabric has become a symbol of survival and hope for a group of weavers, whose dreams and livelihood were washed away by the floods last month in Kerala."That means, dolls fashioned out of a single saree can fetch them up to Rs 9,000.With the support of hundreds of volunteers, they are now collecting sarees that had been left soiled and destroyed beyond reuse in the looms of Chendamangalam, post floods. We plan to put it up for sale at Rs 25 each," she said.A month after the deluge had ravaged Chendamangalam, a traditional handloom village in Ernakulam district, the weavers are pinning hope on Chekutty, dolls fashioned with handloom material spoiled in the floods, to rebuild their lives.. We plan to do the trademarking exercise with the support of over 500 volunteers at the Maharajas College campus in Kochi on September 30," Lakshmi added. Finally, we came up with the idea of doll making," Lakshmi said. It would become functional soon, she said.

The other things including doll making and sales are being done by the entrepreneurs.Cutting across geographical barriers, people are placing bulk orders through  websites, Facebook and WhatsApp for these dolls after coming to know about it through the media. At least 360 odd dolls can be made out of a six-metre saree. I am so happy to see that our doll has now emerged as the mascot of Kerala, which braved the devastating floods," she said.The entire amount raised through sales of Chekutty would go to livelihood programmes envisaged by the handloom weavers’ cooperative society of Chendamangalam, said Lakshmi, who runs Pure Living, a social enterprise focusing on up-cycled and recycled products.Chekutty has stains. She took many sarees home, chlorinated and boiled them to disinfect them. But the same soiled stock is now expected to fetch them much more through the cloth dolls.The entrepreneur said the beauty of Chekutty dolls is the crowdsourcing. So we had to wash the fabric repeatedly to make them safe for re-use," she said.An active participant in the flood relief work, 42-year-old Lakshmi came to know about the plight of the weavers from her friend Gopinath Parayil, a tourism entrepreneur.The Kochi-based IT hub Infopark had adopted the Chekutty dolls movement to support its sales.Cheru means mud and kutty means child in Malayalam."The scenes at the village shook both of us."The original Chekutty dolls, made of Chendamangalam handloom, will have a trademark and a small write up attached to it.She said the weavers had no option but to burn the severely damaged textile. No Chekutty would look alike.."Chekutty has scars."

A normal handloom saree may fetch Rs 1300-1500 in the market.The soft handmade dolls can be used as a key chain, wall decor or tied to a handbag and would always serve as a reminder of the sacrifices and resurrection of a state which was ravaged by a murderous flood, the entrepreneur added. The money is directly credited to the Societys account," he told PTI. Other than the basic steps on making, the painting, touch-ups and decoration is all up to the individual doll maker, she said.Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan recently came forward supporting the unique initiative.Ajith Kumar, Secretary, Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society, Karimpadam in Chendamangalam said they had already received Rs fabric manufacturers in china five lakh in their account through the online booking for the chekutty dolls..They also created a website, detailing the objective of Chekutty dolls."Its not made by one person or one organisation.The weavers were also happy about the idea as at least their months long labour would not go in vain.A mobile app was launched in Silicon Valley on September 21 to take the desi dolls to a larger global audience. But she represents each one of us who survived the floods.Demands are now pouring in from across the globe for these dolls, conceptualised and designed by two social entrepreneurs to help the weavers raise funds out of the damaged fabric stock through crowdsourcing.Lakshmi herself collected soiled sarees from the weavers and trained volunteers.

Draw left knee up to the waist level

Bend left knee and extend right leg in front of you, toes on the ground as you raise hands in front of you to eye level, elbows bent and hands in fists.The writer is one of the few lady trainers in Kochi. Immediately pivot on right foot and punch across your body with right arm. Bend right knee as far as you can, then straighten it. Keep circling arms as you lower right toes to the ground and bring them to the knee again. Bring fist to guard position. Repeat for one minute without touching left foot to ground, then switch sides and repeat. Repeat for 90 seconds and 600d oxford cloth then switch sides.Jab — Cross with Shuffle (works arms, abs, legs and glutes)Stand with feet wider than shoulders, toes turned out and knees bend.Shadow Boxing (warm up)Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees bend. Repeat from the beginning for 90 seconds, then switch sides. Continue for one minute, then switch legs and repeat. Circle hands one over the other as if you we’re punching an imaginary bag. Do four alternating punches (jab, then cross), then jump feet forward and back four time using small, soft jumps. At the same time, extend arms forward at chest height, palms up, draw your elbows towards your sides as you bend left knee and bring heels towards right knee. Finally it would burn up to 1,200 calories per hour, improve cardiovascular ability, strengthen and lengthen muscles and improves balance and posture.

Draw left knee up to the waist level and extend leg out in front, foot flexed.Core Arabesque (works arms, core and entire lower body)Stand on right foot and lean forward from hips as you extend left leg behind you at hip level, toes pointed. Throw slow punches straight from your shoulders alternating arms, for three minutes.A mix between pilates and boxing, Piloxing, for women, is done with the mental and physical goal of attaining a ‘svelte, sexy and powerful’ self-image. curl your hands into fists in ‘guard’ position - near your chin — and bounce back and forth on the balls of the feet like a boxer. At the same time, touch right toes to inside of left knee. Turn slightly to the left and step out with left foot as you Jab left arm forward at shoulder level, knuckles down, then quickly retract the punch.  Speed bag: (works arms shoulders and legs)Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes turned out. Bring right arm forward and left arm out to the left, both at chest height, for balance.Speed bagServe The Platter (works core, arms and legs)Stand on right legs, knees slightly bend, and pull your belly button in.

The transparency of this fabric

" Designer Shruti Sancheti agrees, "The phrase ‘made by hand’ always signifies something personal for us. They want something they can cherish, and know for a fact was made with utmost care, nurture and attention.Delicate, sheer and lustrous, chanderi is the choice of fabric this season for many designers who are reprising it in diverse variations — from earthy glam to chic simplicity Characterised by its weightlessness, sheer texture and fine luxurious feel, chanderi has been ruling the runways at the ongoing Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017.Talking about this surge in love for handlooms, designer Paromita Banerjee says, "I think people are fed up with fast fashion and its end products." Ace designer Krishna Mehta, on the other hand, shares that this rise (in popularity) is a sign of unity and right timing. So you can see how one can be experimental with this fabric, which is stronger than it looks." Designer Anita Dongre says the intention behind all her designs has been to popularise the versatility of traditional fabrics, and she is happy that this time she has experimented with chanderi. As for the bootis or motifs, they are handwoven with the use of needles. Dongre adds that chanderi, though delicate and soft, can take the hardness of embroidery and gotta-patti well to its stride, unlike many other handlooms. People want to know products that are painstakingly created over months with the best of materials. Along with that several other powerful looms from around different corners of India are grabbing attention too. When glue of a raw yarn is not separated from it, the non-degumming renders a shine and transparency to the finished fabric which produces a flature yarn. "

The government is working towards promoting Indian handlooms, the younger lot is far keener on wearing or rather flaunting hand-made pieces and this, in turn, has empowered and triggered a fire among designers to create and envision handlooms in different avatars."If we spoke about handlooms 10 years ago nobody would have believed that handwoven outfits can be so stunningly simple and light."."Sheer texture is a feature of chanderi that differentiates it from other textiles produced across India. This fabric is highly versatile," Paromita shares, adding, "Now you can china fabric manufacturer see it everywhere, from skirts, soft culottes and a blazer shrugged over palazzo pants to elegant dresses, chanderi has been reprised in several different variations. "From my own collection, there’s one jacket which is embroidered in gotta-patti but in a modern manner, then there are gold skirts in chanderi, versatile separates, chanderi jackets which one can be worn with a pair of jeans to dress it up or dress it down, etc."While Paromita quips that chanderi is high-maintenance but worth the time and effort, designer Shruti Sancheti suggests, "Wrapping up all your handlooms in mulmul helps a great deal. The fabric (chanderi) is produced by weaving in silk and golden zari in the traditional cotton yarn that results in the creation of the shimmering texture and can be classified into three types — chanderi silk cotton, pure silk and chanderi cotton. People are in love with hand-made things these days as it showcases the power and beauty of fashion created by human hands. The current phase of fashion is more or less like the making of a good, delicious dish: with all the right ingredients, in right proportions, and right timing. Separate needles are used to create different motifs. The transparency of this fabric is because of the use of single flature quality of yarn.

The ear-piercing package even inspired

In 2010, the company introduced a new, compostable bag for their Sun Chips brand. Consumers quickly picked up on the fact that the bag, made of a corn-based polylactic acid, was louder than the old version — a lot louder. Due to consumer response, the bag was 1000d cordura fabric wholesale changed again in 2011. Research has shown that the crinkly, crunchy noise produced by the polymer increases the user’s sensory experience, leading snackers to feel that the chips are crisper, crunchier, and fresher than those not served in the bag. With the exception of Pringles, almost all chips come in a crinkly polymer bag..The crunchy noise produced by the bag the user’s sensory experience, leading snackers to feel that the chips are crisperWhether you prefer the neon orange dust of Cheetos, try to keep things relatively healthy with pretzels, or firmly believe in the impossibility of eating just one Lay’s potato chip, your snack choices all have one thing in common: their packaging.But there is a tipping point to the effect, as Frito Lay inadvertently discovered.

The ear-piercing package even inspired a Facebook community called "SORRY BUT I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER THIS SUN CHIPS BAG," liked by more than 40,000 people. The bag tested at 95 decibels.Another part of the bag design that’s completely intentional: the noise it makes. Your chief complaint about those bags may be how they’re only filled about halfway, but that’s on purpose—the bags are filled with nitrogen to create an air cushion that helps protect the delicate snacks within.